For Owners & Tenants

For Owners

Skidmore Realty is a fee based property management company. We specialize in the management of residential properties. We will only charge you for the work and services you use. We have set up the business with low overhead and easy operation to keep the cost of maintaining your property low to you. This will allow more money collected from your tenant to go into your pocket.

Some of our low fees are:

Monthly management Fee $75
Set-up Fee $100
Leasing Fee $350
Call today to inquiry on how Skidmore Realty can help with your rental property.

For Tenants

Useful information while renting a property:
Maintenance Request Form
Tenant Utility Sheet
Protect Your Family

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If you need assistance in managing your property, selling your home or buying a new home, Skidmore Realty is your trusted Arizona Realtor.

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